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“Always the best result because the use of knowledge and capacity.”

Technosoft supports software development software. You can see us as an extension of your own organisation. Only the best software developers, from different locations in Europe, are working on your project to realise your plans.

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Most frequently asked questions about Nearshoring

  • How do you start nearshoring?

    How do you start nearshoring?

    When there is no experience with nearshoring, offshoring or any software development outsourcing, it is often difficult to get a good idea of what this means. Then a good preparation is of great importance in order to assess whether nearshoring can mean what your organisation can do and what is expected of you to succeed. We therefore pay close attention to a good start of the activities. The advantage of doing business with a European company is that we guide you in the start-up phase. By means of a good analysis of your situation, we can advise on what cooperation might be best for you.

    A structured process

    The way in which projects (or secondments) are started depends on many factors that are related to things like
    1. extent of the work
    2. experience with the client
    3. nature of the work
    4. any deadlines, risks and other preconditions
    Based on careful consideration, choices are made to go through the following stages of starting a nearshore route.
    1. First inventory of the content of the question and the match between client and Technosoft
    2. Preliminary research based on pre-determined deliverables
    3. Estimates, approach and quotation
    4. Introduction and kick off on location or at your office
    5. Establishment of project organisation, development environment and quality assurance
    6. First sprint.

    Learn more about starting with nearshoring?

    Using a business case from one of our customers or a whitepaper that describes the different steps, you can find more information. You can also contact us or schedule an appointment. We would like to advise you how we would handle this in your case.
  • Can software developers work with us at the office?

    Can software developers work with us at the office?

    Yes and no. Our software developers regularly come to our clients to work on running projects or launch or deliver new projects, but the basis of what we do is based on a situation where people at a distance develop for you. Through years of experience, the best people and a very tight process, we are able to organise this so that you can benefit from the benefits of nearshoring. Since last year we have brought our very best people to the Netherlands to work here. Thus, we offer capacity of people who are no longer to be found in the Netherlands, really. These lead developers support our foreign teams and clients with the hardest challenges, communication, architecture and specific knowledge of, for example, agile development.    
  • What are the risks of nearshore outsourcing?

    What are the risks of nearshore outsourcing?

    In general, there are a number of categories of risks that we sometimes hear from organisations that are reluctant to outsource their software development.
    1. Reliability of the supplier
    2. Quality of the delivered software
    3. Retention of knowledge
    4. Loss of grip on the process

This is what customers say about us:

Our search was for a software company with knowledge of App development. Closer to home, high-quality, cost effective, flexible and knowledgeable with the latest development platforms. We found Technosoft to be a company that has a good understanding of  our situation and fill in our needs very well. In the field of App development and end-to-end testing, we are working very well together.
OSRAM - Jeroen Rijswijk
Head of OSRAM Digital Systems EMEA

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