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Over 40 years experience with development and testing of software throughout Europe.

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Innovative software development

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What are we good at?

Technosoft is active in 3 type of business, from 4 European locations.

Software development in many aspects.

Why Technosoft?

  • Ease of dealing with a trustworthy Dutch company.
  • Peace of mind in dealing with an established, reputable company with an extensive network.
  • Satisfaction of dealing with a company that has over 1,200 existing customers in all areas offered: tools and add ons, SQL design, redesign and add on components.
  • Technosoft knows the ropes; we also work with these same tools for our business processes.
  • Technosoft knows the whole process from ideation through implementation in the market.
  • Technosoft communicates directly; no worries.
  • The Moldavian/Rumanian market has a sufficiently qualified workforce to choose from.

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Your advantages

  • Customized solutions for simple to complex processes.
  • Development in accordance with international acknowledged guidelines.
  • Communication in Dutch, german and English.
  • The entire process from analysis to maintenance within a single company.
  • Highly qualified programmers and analysts with years of experience in software development for products and software projects.
  • Reduced costs. Fixed costs become variable costs.
  • Improved flexibility of your own IT capacity.
  • Fixed price and fixed duration when needed.


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