People come to stay with Technosoft in Moldova

Come and see for yourself why this is such a fun place to work

40 years experience,10 years in Chisinau

...and confident about your future.

The attitude makes the difference

With more than 40 years of successful experience in the Netherlands and over 10 years in Moldova, Technosoft delivers professional software development and testing services to international companies. We believe that customers can only be satisfied by people who enjoy doing their work, this is why we invest in each one of our employees on a daily basis.

/What makes Technosoft so special?

  • Transparent organizational structure, flat internal hierarchy and dynamic workflows
  • High appreciation of self-organizational skills, independent working and reporting
  • Extremely motivating monthly remuneration, fitness bonus

Over 10 years in Chisinau

ICS ES Technosoft SRL is a professional software development company based in Chisinau, Moldova. Part of the Technosoft holding based in Deventer, The Netherlands, the local Moldovan company develops software for Technosoft customers in the Netherlands and in Germany. Our main goal is to design, create, develop and maintain software for the Dutch and German markets. We are a stable growing company, occupying current market leader position in specific product market combinations with a clear development strategy towards EU countries.
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What can you expect?

Our employees typically value the culture at Technosoft. A professional working environment with high achieving workers, but at the same time a very relaxed interpersonal atmosphere. people care about each other and management constantly shows interest in the well being of the individual. A positive competitive environment as it comes to giving the best for your job and, for example, in sports. This makes everybody strive to get better each day.

  • Competitive salary + Performance bonus programs
  • Additional healthcare insurance
  • Sports and Fitness compensation program
  • Coffee + Tea + Fruits
  • Opportunities for certification and training
  • Team building activities, special events and conferences
  • Modern working environment
  • Integration in the dynamic international organization and great team
Artur Stolear – Technical Leader
Artur Stolear – Technical Leader

I am working for Technosoft for more than 3 years. During this time I have managed to work in several projects in radically different areas – mobile development with IoT integration, web app for medical care, cloud based web applications. During this time being part of these projects I managed to enlarge the skillset a lot, as well as had the opportunity to work with large teams, and for short periods of time abroad. Meantime I have also improved my communication and leadership skills, and became a technical lead. I’m having a great time working for Technosoft!

Dumitru Deveatii – Technical Leader
Dumitru Deveatii – Technical Leader

Technosoft is a company with a nice culture, smart people and great opportunities. Joining the team as a developer I became part of an environment where you have to commit to high quality. It was a start of a great journey that through all the challenges we passed together led me to the position of a Technical Leader. A company for which quality is a foundation, Technosoft offers an environment where you can build a better version of yourself.

Dumitru Condrea – Senior Software Developer
Dumitru Condrea – Senior Software Developer

I joined Technosoft in 2011 and it became more than just a company or a job for me. The thing I enjoy most about working for Technosoft is the people I work with. There is a great team and nice working environment- it’s nothing like the ‘corporate world’, it’s like a family!

Technosoft in Chisinau

1977 today
Start development of calculation software
Registration of the Technosoft brand
Start development of CAD software
From DOS to Windows platform
Project management software
Technosoft Germany
Technosoft Moldova
Start of nearshoring under the name In-shore
Start Business unit Quality Assurance & testing
Technosoft Romania
Merging In-shore and Technosoft brands