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QA & Testing services

“Identify problems quickly through QA testing”

  • Professional testing of your software.
  • Quality assurance is identifying risks and preventing errors.
  • Preventing errors means savings costs.
  • Senior certified testers available immediately.

Would you like to know more about quality assurance?

Quality Assurance gives you more certainty about the quality of the products and services you supply. We are happy to advise you on how this could benefit your organisation and how we can support you in this.

What does a senior test engineer cost?

The costs depend on the method of cooperation. Which services would you like to purchase and how would you like these to be carried out? We are happy to give you a non-binding recommendation fully tailored to your needs. This gives you insight into the benefits quickly. Make an appointment free of obligation.

Most frequently asked questions about testing

  • Can your testers also make test cases yourself?

    Can your testers also make test cases yourself?

    In the majority of cases this happens indeed. It depends, of course, on the type of collaboration, but our test engineers generally work very closely with the development team. In this collaboration, the testing team will take care of creating the test cases, testing and reporting these results, which will be discussed in close collaboration to improve development and improve quality. Even if a tester does not work in your organisation and works remotely, it is therefore possible to outsource the full testing process, with all aspects.
  • How is the testing process integrated into our development environment?

    How is the testing process integrated into our development environment?

    The testing team is an integral part of the (agile) development team. This ensures that everything that happens in QA and testing is integrated into your development environment. Sometimes there are test tools available or there is a possibility to include tests in the development environment, but often we provide the necessary tools. We use test management tools like TestRail, TestManager and TestLink, Functional Test Automation tools like Selenium, TestComplete, SoapUI and CodedUI and an automated test tool like JMeter
  • Can software developers work with us at the office?

    Can software developers work with us at the office?

    Yes and no. Our software developers regularly come to our clients to work on running projects or launch or deliver new projects, but the basis of what we do is based on a situation where people at a distance develop for you. Through years of experience, the best people and a very tight process, we are able to organise this so that you can benefit from the benefits of nearshoring. Since last year we have brought our very best people to the Netherlands to work here. Thus, we offer capacity of people who are no longer to be found in the Netherlands, really. These lead developers support our foreign teams and clients with the hardest challenges, communication, architecture and specific knowledge of, for example, agile development.    

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More than four years ago, at a trade fair, we happened to come into contact with Technosoft, which was still called In-shore at the time. Because of this conversation, we started thinking about the possibilities of nearshoring. After a comparison with other providers, we decided to partner with Technosoft. The challenge at the time was related to a “refresh” of our software, after an already lengthy life cycle. The challenge lay in deploying the right architecture as a foundation on which to continue building....
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