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Mobile applications

Testing mobile applications is becoming increasingly important and is a trade of its own.

Testing mobile applications has long been a little extra task to be done after the rest has been tested. The rise of Apps and the huge increase in the use of smartphones have only reinforced the importance of mobile application testing. Of course, mobile applications demand the testing of other things than we are used to with desktop applications.

Hardware and software testing

In addition to testing the software, due to its huge diversity, it is also important to test the hardware. Apect like screen sizes, resolutions, memory, camera, bluetooth, WiFi and the like all play a greater role in testing mobile applications. Technosoft, of course, has a wide range of these devices available and the possibilities to simulate different scenarios.

What makes mobile applications testing so difficult?

As mentioned above, this has to do with different hardware, but also aspects like different operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows), different versions of these, different networks, screen formats and software development platforms (native, web applications or cross platform). It is therefore important to keep up with and respond to the rapid changes. Technosoft’s development of mobile applications makes a significant part of the overall developments. Therefore, there is always a solid core of testers involved in testing mobile applications, and so we continue to lead in knowledge and experience.

What can Technosoft do in this respect?

Everything we do at Technosoft is preceded by a thorough analysis. Our QA Manager will therefore analyse with you what needs to be tested, what is expected of the quality of the application and what the functional and non-functional preconditions are. Based on this, a test plan is drawn up which clearly states what and how to test and what you can expect as a result.

For things like performance testing, interface testing, security testing and various other types of testing, Technosoft can support you in new developments or testing third-party applications.

  • Experience with mobile application development and testing
  • Mobile websites, native and cross platform
  • With the latest techniques

Egor Gucinsky

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