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Detachment software testers

“Secondment of the best people”

The best senior testers remotely and at your workplace.

Technosoft has permanent employees who are deployed in dedicated development teams or working independently on delivering projects. In addition to this approach of software development and testing, we also seek appropriate ICT staff when there is a specific question. This involves secondment of software developers and remote testers. Technosoft is always recruiting the best senior software developers and professional testers. This enables us to quickly meet your demand for qualified personnel which is currently hard to find in the Netherlands. All good software developers are deployed, of course!

Hiring of developers

In practice, we are seeing more and more companies resorting to freelancers, deployed at their office to address a lack of capacity or knowledge due to expansion. This seems to be the only solution to solve the problem, but here nearshoring is an alternative that offers many benefits:

  1. Collaboration within an experienced team
  2. Formalising communication
  3. Integration of testing / QA with development
  4. Flexible deployment
  5. All facilities included
  6. Back up in times of calamities and for continuity
  7. Cost savings
  8. Sparring partner at the highest level
  9. Access to various techniques/knowledge
  10. Provide a peace of mind

When companies take the step towards outsourcing via Technosoft, they experience the benefits that this has. Of course, you are missing out on the frequent contact and informal consultation structure, but the question is whether this is always working properly or could it be that a tightly structured process with formal procedures and commitment actually does work better? In-shore guides you along this path of new collaboration between your development team and the developers or testers at our location.

Both on location and at your office

In order to make the cooperation even better, we also work in a kind of hybrid way with our customers. This means that the software developers are at your office at the office for you, but do work at your office periodically.

Only the best testers

Due to our constant recruitment on local markets, we have contact with the best people in the region. The level of Technosoft’s people is very high, and that attracts people as well. We have access to top-level automated testing, mobile testing, performance testing, and agile testing and so on.


  • Secondment for normal conditions
  • Only the best people
  • Remote and at your office

Bart Zwager - Commercieel directeur

Obviously, the course starts with a good overview of what is required in terms of the qualities of the person or team. Once we have found the right match we will introduce the team. Sometimes this can be done via a Skype interview, for example, by visiting the client's office or visiting our Chisinau office. Next, a first period of time will be initiated, which will allow you to see if the match is perfect. Both parties agree to do everything possible to make a success, but if this does not work, we will always find a satisfactory solution.

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