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Software testing

“Test your software by skilled senior testers”

By using professional testers you save costs, time and annoyance. Our test engineers are trained in finding, repairing and preventing errors.

We made a clear choice at Technosoft regarding QA & testing. We only work with the best senior people. Experienced software testers who have a proven track record. Since we work remotely, it is important that you work with experienced people, who can relate to their previous experiences.

The deployment of (more and/or better) test capacity is often seen as an avoidable increase in development costs. However, practice shows that it often generates a lot of money, when this is done in a professional way and work is done with people who have been trained for this and have the experience needed. In practice, we often see the following advantages of using test engineers:

  • Testing is done in a structured process. This makes it easier to indicate what needs to be tested and why. By not working in an ad hoc way, the process is more efficient, more effective and produces better results.
  • Testers take work from software developers, consultants or sales people. This is done by people who are better at this and cost less. In addition, it delivers capacity to your developers.
  • The sooner errors are found, or even prevented, the cheaper it is to repair this. Recovering afterwards is expensive and often causes annoyance.
  • When testing becomes an integral part of the development team, it can also have a positive effect on the quality and effectiveness of the development department.

Support of your team at a distance OR at your office.

Since our people have a lot of experience with testing software in many different situations, you can make use of this experience by hiring our people. On a temporary basis, full-time or part-time.

  • Do you have more projects and test work than you can handle?
  • Don't you have testers (temporarily)available?
  • Have you been searching for that experienced tester (s) for a long time, but can not find them?
  • Do you have doubts about the quality of the code delivered?

In these situations you can call on our experienced people who take care of (complementing) your test organization. In principle, everyone works at the location abroad, but it is possible to work at your office. Depending on the situation, arrangements are made for a visit to the client's office or one of our locations abroad.


  • Only senior test engineers
  • Professional and certified
  • Competitive rates

Software testing

"Test your software by skilled senior testers"
By using professional testers you save costs, time and annoyance. Our test engineers are trained in finding, repairing and preventing errors.

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Registration of the Technosoft brand
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