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Test management

Setting up and managing your test process. From analysis, setup and implementation supported by the latest test management tools and experience. Temporary deployment of professionals or managing your own testing organisation.

At Technosoft QA and Testing we have made a clear choice. We only work with the best senior people. Experienced software testers who made their name. Since we work remotely, it's important that you work with people who have enough experience and can draw from a rich past. Within this group of experienced test engineers, we also have people who have experience in functions such as QA manager, business analyst or agile test lead. You can use this experience.

Supporting your team at a distance or at your office.

Since our people have a lot of experience in managing test projects in many different situations, you can use this experience by hiring our people. On a temporary basis, full-time or part-time.

  • Are you dealing with more projects than you can handle?
  • Do you (temporarily) not have a QA manager or test lead available?
  • Have you been looking for the perfect leader of your test organisation for a long time, but cannot find them?
  • Do you have any doubts about the quality of the delivered code?

In these situations you can trust our experienced people who take care of your test management. Besides the people at our offices abroad, we also have top managers in the Netherlands who previously served in our Eastern European offices.

What can I expect from test management?

Our test managers are deployed in many different business. Sometimes for a test project that is carried out entirely by the client, but mostly in combination with the deployment or construction of a nearshoring team. The deployment can take be from analysis to deployment and everything in between.

  • conducting preliminary investigations.
  • starting up (external) test teams
  • lead test engineer / QA management
  • training teams in agile test methods and practice

You ultimately decide what you need, what period and what kind of service.

  • Only senior test engineers
  • Professional and certified
  • Very attractive rates

Egor Gucinsky

Looking for a test manager?

If you have long been looking for experienced and professionally trained test managers, we can help you to outsource QA managers.

Check out Technosoft's development

1977 Today
Project management software
Registration of the Technosoft brand
Start development of CAD software
Acquisition of activities by Brunel and establishment in Deventer
Technosoft Germany
Technosoft Moldova
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From DOS to Windows platform
Start selling AxisVM software
Introduction 3Muri earthquake software + first KOMO certification
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Switch to Eurocode software
Start of nearshoring under the name In-shore
Technosoft sold by Brunel through a Management Buy Out
Start development calculation software
merging In-shore and Technosoft brands