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“Professionally Building Modern Apps”

Experience in building native, cross platform and web apps. For all types of smartphones and tablets. Customised App development from design to development, testing and deployment.

Do you want to make an app? At Technosoft, we're happy to help you turn your idea into an App that does what you're looking for. Our App Developers are not only specialists in design, but the very best when it comes to architecture, technical choices, security, reliability and scalability of your App idea. No situation is the same, so no solution is the same. Because of our broad knowledge of platforms and techniques, we always find a solution that fits your idea.

Applicatie ontwikkeling IconApp technology

We lead the market in techniques, of course, with a team of senior app developers and app testers. Usually the difficulty is to know what you want and to translate it into a design, functional design and choice for the right technique. Each situation requires a different approach and therefore we have specialists on the most common techniques.

Applicatie ontwikkeling IconAdvise on app development

Because we use experienced business analysts, we can look at what an App ultimately needs to be and how to start. The right choices for platform, database, templates and OS make all the difference and can make or break the future of the App. If we do not trust it, we will not start it!!

Applicatie ontwikkeling IconApp testing

Testing Apps seems simple if it is first tested for a small group of users. However, practice proofs differently. In addition to testing ALL functionalities, the non-functional aspects should be well looked after. We have experience in testing apps and of course solving the identified defects.

Applicatie ontwikkeling IconPrice vs. quality

We have been developing software for 40 years and always our knowledge in mobile applications is always up to date. Due to our broad knowledge of software development, we are unable to complete technically complex business as no-one. For this we have the best people in their field. However, because we work from our offices in Moldova and Romania, we are able to bring the highest quality price/quality ratio.

  • iOS, Android and cross platform
  • Tested for all situations
  • Optimum price/ quality
  • Free advice on building an App

Bart Zwager - Commercieel directeur

What does it cost to make an app?

This question is often asked when looking for the possibilities for creating an App. That's also understandable, as it's hard to judge if you've never experienced this. Unfortunately, I always have to answer this question with a counter-question: "how much does a car cost?" The answer to this question depends on many of the same factors, such as budget, goal, for who is it, what do you expect from it?

Prices for development can range from € 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of euros. It depends on many factors. Take a look at the difference between a Web App that provides some general information about a company and the App of We help companies investigate what they really want. Functionally, but also in the field of non-functional requirements and issues such as performance, security and scalability. This often determines a large part of the cost of an App.

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Project management software
Registration of the Technosoft brand
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