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Software development in .Net Framework and Microsoft technology.

Technosoft - Microsoft.Net development at the highest level

You are already developing .Net or considering developing an application. Then it's good to get a good idea of the possibilities Microsoft offers here and make use of the best developers in this field. Technosoft has developed its own applications for a long time based on Microsoft technology and our customers often choose us for reliable .Net development.

Technosoft - MicrosoftMicrosoft Gold Application development

Technosoft has been a Microsoft gold development partner for years. In addition to developing our own applications, we contribute to the development of many types of Microsoft applications for our customers every day. For us, this Gold status is a foundation for what we’re doing. In addition, our people must take the lead when it comes to applying the newest techniques within the Microsoft environment.

Technosoft develops custom software in .Net for many of its customers. We take great advantage of the .NET platform because of its reliability, broad deployment, integration in Microsoft environments, easy deployment and many capabilities. Long ago we started with Desktop (WPF/WCF/EF) N-Layered software development. Then we expanded our experience and domain by building enterprise-level Web Applications based on ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net Core and cross-platform mobile solutions based on Cordova and Xamarin.

Visual Studio, of course, is widely used as our main IDE tool. And nowadays it is also possible to develop with Visual Studio Code on Linux or OSX. With each new release, these capabilities become more powerful. Visual Studio and Team Foundation Services in the cloud give us all the flexibility we need when it comes to distributed software development projects.

Technosoft - MicrosoftSenior software development

At Technosoft we choose to work with senior developers who deserve their spurs. They all can rely on a wide international experience in Microsoft development. Whether it is a refactoring of legacy systems or the construction of completely new applications, there is a lot of experience that you can benefit from.

Frequently used:

Programming languages C#, C++, F#, VB.NET, Delphi
Markup + data XML, XAML, JSON, Office Open XML
Middleware ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Web API, NodeJS, WCF, WWF, OData, MSMQ, Signal R
Storages Entity Framework, NHibernate, SQL, MS SQL server (T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS), Oracle (PL-SQL), MySQL, MongoDB, MS Access
Web presentation HTML5, CSS 3, Typescript, JavaScript, ASP.NET Core MVC & SPA, ASP.NET MVC & Web Forms, Silverlight
Desktop WPF, Windows Forms, Windows Services, Apps for Office
Native & mobile UWP, Xamarin, HTML5 / WinJS (Cordova), .Net/XAML
Infrastructure IIS, Azure, Docker, Powershell, Chocolatey, Cake Build, NuGet, NPM
Collaboration / portals Youtrack, Jira, GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Sharepoint, TFS
CI / CD TeamCity, Jenkins
Version control Git, Subversion
3rd party libraries DevExpress, Telerik, Bootstrap, Angular, JQuery, Ionic, NopCommerce, RabbitMQ, MediatR, Loggly, NLog, Log4Net, Serilog
Security en identity OpenIDConnect, OAuth, SAML, JWT, ASP.NET Identity, Identity Server, Keycloak, Active Directory
Unit Testing XUnit, NUnit, MS Test, Moq
Architecture Multitier, Microservices, Service Oriented, REST, Layered, Component-based, Plug-ins, Monolithic, Database-centric
Design principles SOLID, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Design, Behavior Driven Design
  • Professional applications in .Net
  • New construction, refactoring or maintenance of .Net applications
  • The best senior certified Microsoft developers.

Igor Baimastruc - lead software developer

It is more than 10 years now since Technosoft started to use the Microsoft development stack. And I am proud to say that this was a very exciting and productive time.

Being a Customer I would go with Microsoft stack because it provides high quality tools, components and systems. It has a long history being present in the market and it has built its reputation that you can depend on. With the new technologies rising Microsoft constantly provides backward compatibility ash well as smooth upgrading tracks. It is innovative and it has an intention to be part of the future.

Once Microsoft went to the Open Source world, things have changed considerably and now it is possible to build high quality solutions based not only on proprietary software components, but on community-driven solutions as well. In the last few years Microsoft made a giant leap and started being cross-platform. That provides us ,as a development company, a perfect foundation to design and build even a greater range of Mobile, Web and Cloud solutions.


This is what customers say about.....

Our search was for a software company with knowledge of App development. Closer to home, high-quality, cost effective, flexible and knowledgeable with the latest development platforms. We found Technosoft to be a company that has a good understanding of  our situation and fill in our needs very well. In the field of App development and end-to-end testing, we are working very well together.
OSRAM - Jeroen Rijswijk
Head of OSRAM Digital Systems EMEA

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Registration of the Technosoft brand
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From DOS to Windows platform
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Introduction 3Muri earthquake software + first KOMO certification
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