Dedicated Team

“An extension of your own development team”

  • Get to work with the best and most experienced software developers.
  • You can deploy them in a flexible and cost-efficient way in any field.
  • Flexible and cost efficient .
  • We only work with senior developers

A Dedicated Team is a method of cooperation in which a team is made available to you. You fulfill the role of Test Manager / QA manager yourself and as the client, you’re fully in control when it comes to the requirements, priorities, deployment and output of the team. At Technosoft, we take care of the selection of the best people for your situation, honouring agreements and the monitoring and management on site if desired. A Dedicated Team is an optimal situation for working in Agile teams. We are even able to fully integrate our client’s teams with our own, which results in an optimal utilisation of mutual knowledge and experience.

Advantages of a Dedicated Team

A Dedicated Team and good software developers have many advantages in certain situations.

  1. Software developers who are only focused on the client’s project. The people can be deployed for your project 100%.
  2. When a Dedicated Team has been working for the same client for some time, they will gain experience with the way of working and the domain of the client. Technosoft takes care of embedding this experience within the team over the longer term.
  3. You have insight into the quality of the team members. Knowledge and experience are therefore optimally aligned with the requirements of the customer.
  4. In time, a close-knit team will be created. Both within the Dedicated Team and between this team and the client’s people who are involved.
  5. A good exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience is possible if good cooperation takes place over a longer period. Teams can learn from each other and keep each other on their toes.
  6. In combination with an agile way of working, there is optimal flexibility regarding changes and new (improved) insights and learning processes.
  7. In addition to the client’s management, one can take advantage of extra management, monitoring or supervision by Technosoft.
  8. Attractive cost structure. Through deploying a team over a longer period and the management of the client, it is possible to work at very attractive rates. Combined with Nearshore Outsourcing, significant cost savings can be achieved.

Are there any disadvantages? There are of course also disadvantages compared to other methods of cooperation. Considering that the Dedicated Team, as the name suggests, is especially assigned to one particular client, it will be a bit more expensive than a partnership based on, for example. You as the client are responsible for managing the Dedicated Team. This takes time and doing this properly (remotely) requires some experience. In practice, we help organisations doing this for the first time, in the start-up phase. Our experience can help you master this quickly.

Chracteristics of a Dedicated Team

A Dedicated Team should become an extension of the client’s own testing department. Attention is paid to the company culture, management styles, project methodology, test platforms and tools, etc. It is also possible to perform testing in the client’s development environment. If a Dedicated Team is deployed for a longer period, active cooperation in terms of knowledge, innovation and experience will take place.

Since the content and end goal of the test environment do not have to be clear beforehand, a preliminary study is not necessary in order to establish a partnership. This means that the team can be deployed quickly if the profile of the team is known. The integration between the team members of the client and Technosoft can be achieved through the creation of mixed teams, which optimally embeds the Dedicated Team members within the client’s organisation. The Dedicated Team can be deployed with a fixed budget or for a predetermined period. Invoicing takes place monthly in arrears.


  • Build a software team together
  • You are in the driver seat
  • Cost efficient

Egor Gucinsky

Continuously investing in the training of our people! At Technosoft, we always strive towards expanding our expertise. We among other things do this by frequently having our people attend trade fairs, workshops, conferences and courses. Lifelong learning, both locally and internationally, ensures that we are always a step ahead in the development of our people. A lot of knowledge is gained in practice as well, thanks to our international presence. Within the Technosoft organisation, our developers and testers are able to take part in projects for customers from various industries, SMEs and large companies, different sectors and in various countries in Europe. This has a number of important advantages for our customers. Short training period for new projects. Continuous training, also during ongoing projects. Flexibility in upscaling and downscaling teams thanks to shared knowledge within our organisation. Working with proven workflows and strategies.

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