Software refactoring

“We bring your legacy software to a new level”

Research, advice and execution of converting or rebuilding your software applications to the most modern platforms.

Developments in the area of software are getting faster and faster. This means that the lifespan and thus the payback time of software applications are also getting shorter. The technical life of these applications is often not over, but the environment causes something to change. Much of the custom software development we do at Technosoft Nearshore Outsourcing is to convert or rebuild existing applications, summarised below under the term "refactoring".

Technosoft refactoringRefactoring software applications tailored

Every situation is different when it comes to the problem that needs to be addressed or the environment in which to do this. This means that every refactoring must be done in a different way. Before the software development can be started, we will have to jointly determine how to tackle the path in terms of division of work, scope, planning, phasing and technology. The project can only succeed with a good preparation.

Because of our experience in this area, we can support clients in making the right choices.

  • How do we deal with the running business, because during the renovation, the store needs to be open?
  • What is the optimal phasing in terms of time, resources, money and technology?
  • What is Technosoft’s role and what is the role of the client?
  • What about quality testing? To what extent can we ensure that our current users suffer as little as possible from the refactoring?
  • How do we deal with new features we want to fit?

All questions that require a substantiated answer. In part, these can be answered based on research and our experience, and in part they will be included as a preconditions in the course.

Technosoft refactoringTechnosoft Refactoring Cheaper and better than you can?

Deferring refactoring often has two main reasons.

  • The current system is so reliable that the risk of a new application seems too big.
  • The costs are difficult to foresee or are estimated to be too high.

Both arguments are very valid and must be weighed in order to make a decision. Our experience, however, is that the effects of a refactoring can be foreseen. It is more often a question of adding new functionalities (and thus improvement over the old situation), than that the conversion itself is a risky and/or time consuming task. With regard to reliability, much attention must be paid to Quality Assurance and, in terms of costs, a solution through Technosoft is at least cost effective by deploying experienced people in this area at very attractive rates. A recalculation based on our assumptions is certainly worth it.

  • Is your application development suitable for outsourcing?
  • Non-binding feasibility study
  • Compare your estimate with ours

Bas Strijker - Directeur operations

At Technosoft, we long ago begun to reflect on some of our own applications including our ERP Project Management application. Actually, it involved a complete rewrite based on a new technology stack, but it was replacing an existing application. With this experience we have been supporting other companies in refactoring or rebuilding their software. These are often long-term projects, and we have been working for years on this for a number of customers.

Building a partnership

A project of refactoring or rewrite has many facets. Initially, much attention is paid to assessing the starting situation and setting the right architecture and approach. Any possible integration and migration, often inevitable, is also an important aspect here. Once this phase has elapsed, the first phase of development can be started. Our people are used to working in different new environments, and during the project knowledge is gained of the often-specific domain of the customer. That experience will then be used during further development.

We find it very important that we are proactive in a cooperation. It is also our job to keep the client focused, pointing to things that are not going well or can be done better and can come up with new insights. With this, we lay the foundation for a real partnership.


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