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Application development

“Development of software to the latest state of affairs”

When you want to be sure that the outsourcing of your software development will be a success. Well analysed, with state-of-the-art technology, well tested and well implemented.

When you are considering the development of your application(s), nearshoring via Technosoft is worthwhile to look into. We have developed a process that will keep you in control while leaving the software development to another party.

Applicatie ontwikkeling IconApplication development process

This process is built on the following principles:

  1. Thorough preliminary research, which clarifies the starting points, expectations and end result.
  2. Quality assurance through professional QA and testing.
  3. Execution only by senior developers.
  4. Transparent development and clear communication throughout the process.

Op basis van deze uitgangspunten is een systeem ontwikkeld dat helder is over verwachtingen en resultaat.

Applicatie ontwikkeling IconCollaboration

We build the application to be developed together. You are responsible for the business, we are responsible for the technical part. You decide what kind of collaboration you choose. Do you need a supplement to your own team, or should we take the full responsibility ourselves in a fixed price project and guaranteed delivery time?

Due to a thorough analysis in advance we can be clear about the expected result. When you are in charge of the development yourself, you can be sure of the knowledge and skills of the people discussed in advance with you. As a result, your application development does not need to take longer than predicted unless changes are made on the go. However, we do not use a waterfall method, but always work according to a certain agile method. During development, new status reports and estimates are regularly produced so that you can always decide on progress and priorities.

Applicatie ontwikkeling IconDelivery and maintenance

Due to the Agile development methodology, it is possible to provide new working parts of the software. Depending on the situation, these may already be used operationally or may be phased in. Combined with QA and testing, the new software will be connected to existing applications and infrastructure. Technosoft can provide easy deployment of the software. Depending on the way in which collaborations work (who is responsible for the end result?), a period will be determined during which Technosoft is responsible for any bug fix.

When the application is fully stable, Technosoft can be asked to perform changes and (periodic) maintenance. A SLA can be tailored to this, which takes into account the wishes and requirements of the environment in which the software is used.

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Bart Zwager - Commercieel directeur

Thorough preparation

Many companies struggle with the development of new applications. Do I have enough capacity, is all the knowledge available, can I overlook what we are starting? Asking these questions in advance make it difficult to make a well-founded decision. At Technosoft we are used to answering these questions. With a team of technical specialist, QA manager and business analyst, we provide a well-prepared start of application development. You know what you are getting yourself into.

Transparent process

With this knowledge in advance we can carefully overview what we are starting to do. In this way we make good agreements about what is expected of things like quality, lead time, scalability, delivery, maintenance, etc. The start of the project is first prepared in the Netherlands and usually takes place with a kick-off in, for example, Chisinau (Moldova). Of course, this depends on the size of the project.

During the development we are very transparent in what we do. As a client, you always keep track of progress and content. Sometimes there are further visits to the development team or the client during development.

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