Agile development

“Agile is more than a good process”

More than just a good process in software development based on Agile systems. Make use of 10 years of experience and experienced developing teams.

It is impossible to imagine the software development world today without Agile software development. The great benefits that it has yielded are often proven. These include things like the regular delivery of functioning software, continuous pursuit for improvement, room for direct involvement of users' current wishes, employee involvement and a comprehensive scope. Agile development, however, is more than doing a daily stand-up and a scrum board, it's a way of working and thinking for the participants.

Agile developmentAgile development and outsourcing

Agile development lends itself very well to the remote development of software. There are clear ways and times to communicate and the development team has a lot of independence within the sprints. The functioning software can be evaluated and edited by means of demos where deemed necessary. Combined with well-organised Quality Assurance and sufficient testing of capabilities, remote software development is not an insurmountable obstacle. It can actually solve your challenges in terms of capacity, flexibility and cost control.

Agile developmentExpert in agile software development

Technosoft has years of experience with Agile. Not only for our own development, but also for our customers who develop custom software. We like to share our knowledge with our customers. For example, we have assisted several companies in the combination of outsourcing and the Agile software.


  • What is agile development?
  • What can agile mean for my organisation?
  • How do I apply agile in combination with nearshoring?

Bart Zwager - Commercieel directeur

Many companies struggle with the development of new applications. Do I have enough capacity, is all the knowledge available, can I overlook what we are starting? Asking these questions in advance make it difficult to make a well-founded decision. At Technosoft we are used to answering these questions. With a team of technical specialist, QA manager and business analyst, we provide a good prepared start of the construction of your applications. You know what you are getting yourself into.

Sharing knowledge

If there is not so much knowledge of agile development present, there will be additional guidance from Technosoft. We provide explanations of the right system, how to handle requirements and user stories and provide insight into the way in which an agile team works. Agile development is more than just following a particular method. It is about the way people work, communication, openness and stimulating the development team and individual participants. In addition, management in an Agile organisation also require other things from a manager. We would like to share our experiences in this area.

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