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Focus on your core tasks

“Focus on your best skills”

Especially when software development is not your organisation’s core task, Technosoft can give you room to focus on your business. We have the knowledge of software development and testing, you have a good sense of your business!

A welcome addition to our team

As an entrepreneur or manager, you know that technology and software are becoming an increasingly important part of your organisation. Digitisation becomes an increasingly important part of our society and forces to focus on software development. You may have experience and knowledge about software development, but you want to focus on your business processes, customers and staff. However, you must be able to rely on a partner that understands you and delivers what has been agreed. And if this party is even proactive in working with you, you can outsource it to software specialists, with a peaceful mind.

At Technosoft we fully understand this. In the past, we have also experienced what it means if outsourcing software development is not going well and how this can disturb business operations. We have the people, experience and organisation to provide you with the support you need.

Focus on software development

Depending on your situation, we can take a larger or smaller part of your development of your hands. We have developed software for 40 years, so we know what we are talking about. The choice is for you to determine where we can support you.

  1. Realisation of complete projects, including preliminary research, development, testing and implementation.
  2. Based on the availability of a team or on the basis of a fixed price project.
  3. Supervision by a lead developer abroad or at your office.
  4. Possibilities for significant cost savings
  5. Preliminary clarity about the desired result

It is important to see what is best in your situation. That’s why we gladly visit you to see what’s best in your situation.

  • We the software, you the business
  • Be sure of the right result
  • People who think ahead with you

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