Relocation to The Netherlands

Technosoft supports relocation to The Netherlands

Confident about your future, not only your career...

As the first active Dutch based software development company on Moldovan soil – having an office in the center of Chisinau for over 10 years now – Technosoft is well established within the Moldovan local culture. On our home soil in the Netherlands, in the Old Hanse City of Deventer (1 hour from Amsterdam), we look back on 40 years in software development in an established market leader position. Over the last ten years we developed the international corporation between our employees, from several countries throughout Europe, built on the vision that the future is not in technique, but in the people. That is, why relocation is regarded as a logical step within careers, because your career is about your future. Our (senior) specialists, who have proved themselves within our Chisinau organisation and have been working for Dutch (and German) clients over a longer period, are in a position to consider migration to The Netherlands. Several people from the Technosoft family already took this step and enjoy working in a modern, well organized and friendly country like The Netherlands. Relocation is not only about sending our people abroad, for Technosoft it is about taking care for our people and making sure everything is arranged upon arrival and beyond:
  • Transfer of the employee and her/his family and stuff.
  • Immigration paperwork.
  • Housing.
  • Becoming familiar with the Dutch language.
  • Installment of local Dutch fringe benefits (company car if needed for work, for example)
  • Etc.

People who preceded you..

  Technosoft - Igor BaimastrucIgor Baimastruc – Senior Software Developer / Technical lead at Deventer-NL “I am very thankful for you for the enormous help, the very friendly attitude and the great  opportunities.“ Igor worked in Chisinau since 2011 as a Senior Software Developer/Technical lead. In 2016 he was the first employee who was relocated to the Netherlands with his wife Mila and sons Ilia and Emil.   Technosoft Vasile GasparVasile Gaspar - Productmanager 3D Software/Software Developer/Support engineer at Deventer-NL It's nice to live and work in The Netherlands, where almost a third of it is situated below sea level and protected from flooding by the eighth wonder of the world, The Delta Works. This could only be made possible by very good management, and of course, thanks to engineers. Being here an engineer, you can see your contribution to society. Changing the country, getting out from the comfort zone, is always less pleasant. But not when you have support from your employer. This matters a lot, especially in the first months. Moving to the Netherlands implies a lot of stuff to be arranged. Finding/renting a place where to live, registering with the municipality, getting a citizen service number (BSN) etc. Technosoft fully supported me during this migration process. Vasile is one of the first Moldovan Employees of Technosoft and is on board since 2008 and moved to The Netherlands with his wife Victoria and daughter Emma. Technosoft Vlad ZubcoVlad Zubco – Software Requirements Engineer at Deventer-NL Moving to the Netherlands was a challenging, interesting and great opportunity that could not be missed. The whole moving process was made easy by Technosoft. Not only it provided the help needed along the way, but also gave us an insight into the Dutch customs and the way of living. The given advice's are proving to be useful still to this day. Working in the Netherlands at Technosoft is a pleasant everyday experience. A nice team of friendly colleagues is always there to give a helping hand if needed not only with work-related issues, but also with the integration process. What can I say? I'm happy to be here!” Vlad is on board of Technosoft since 2009 and moved to The Netherlands with his wife Michaela.

Do you see yourself living in The Netherlands?

If you are interested in the company behind these testimonials and see a future for yourself abroad? Just go to the application form and leave your data for now or the future. You never know when the best time is, to let our paths be crossed, but you better not let it depend on a missed chance today! We look forward to receiving your details.

....Confident about your future, not only your career.

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Relocation to The Netherlands

Technosoft supports relocation to The Netherlands Confident about your future, not only your career… As the first active Dutch based software development company on Moldovan soil – having an office in the center of Chisinau for over 10 years now – Technosoft is well established within the Moldovan local culture. On our home soil in … Continued

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