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Benchmark Nearshoring

"Strong benchmark for Technosoft Nearshore Outsourcing"

A benchmark conducted by a specialised agency shows that Technosoft has an excellent proposition in the field of nearshoring.

Benchmark Nearshoring

The specialised bureau Baker Boucher has compared Technosoft Nearshore Outsourcing (previously in-shore) compared to a nearshoring benchmark of several nearshoring and offshoring companies. After having learned about Technosoft’s activities, several discussions have been held with the management and a visit to our office in Moldova, a comparison has been made with the many other reviews made internationally in recent years. The situation on the nearshoring and offshoring of software development and testing changes very quickly. Reports released are already outdated when they are published. A comparison of people in the middle of the matter thus gives a much better picture of how a company is in relation to the average in the market.

Excellent quality and delivery

The benchmark focused on features such as accessibility, available capacity, progress, technical knowledge, quality delivered, facilities, reliability and rates. At all points, Technosoft scores well and we are excellent at the points of technical knowledge, quality and staffing. In this we see confirmation that based on our past experience, we have been able to set up an organisation that is only for results. A clear choice to work with the best people, not to concede the quality to be delivered and to provide excellent communication and collaboration so that our customers can take control. In addition, our rates were also assessed positively over comparable providers.

Nearshoring benchmark

Would you like to know how we came from the benchmark nearshoring? We would like to send you a message. When you send a message to the contact page we will respond promptly to your request. If you have any questions about how we can also get this service in your organisation, please call ++31(0)570-682900 and ask for Bart Zwager or send an e-mail to bart.zwager@technosoft.nl

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