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Preliminary research software development

“Be sure to know what you’re up to”

Successful software development begins with the proper research of the objectives, scope, risks and possible solutions. Make use of Technosoft’s experience in this area.

Vooronderzoek softwareBe sure to know what you're up to

When you are planning to develop software, you would like to know what you are up to. Questions about the existing level of knowledge, available capacity, cost estimates and planning should be asked. Technosoft has many years of experience as a nearshoring partner and developer of proprietary software to support you with the this. Performing a preliminary research in software gives you a good foundation for making decisions and starting well prepared.

Vooronderzoek softwareYou decide which questions are going to be asked

We define the questions to be answered together and in what detail you want the answers to be. The results of the preliminary research on software development are presented in a document and explained by means of a presentation. With the results of the research you have already taken the first steps of development. You can decide if you want to continue working with Technosoft or not. The results and knowledge gathered will be fully owned by you.

Vooronderzoek softwareWhat does a preliminary research cost?

and more complex the project, the more time it takes to find out what is going to happen and should happen. In addition, it also makes a difference whether the research is done by our people in Eastern Europe or from our office in Deventer. Sometimes it’s better to be on-site with you and sometimes an analysis of documents in combination with Skype meetings is enough. Whatever the way we perform the preliminary research, we always invest together with you by offering low rates and/or taking some of the work for our own account. We do this as an investment in a relationship of which we think has a potential of becoming successful.. If you want to know exactly what a preliminary research costs in your situation, we would be happy to calculate it for you. As an indication, you can us the example that most of the preliminary research we do, cost between € 2,500 and € 5,000.

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Bart Zwager - Commercieel directeur

When a company struggles with the question of whether and how software development needs to be addressed, our experience in this area can be used to give a clear external view. Together with the customer we sit down to form an overall picture of the development. This is often a new development, but also about the prevalence of an existing development or the refactoring of an application. After a first image is formed, we determine what the question is. Which answers should the preliminary research give? On this foundation, a proposal is made for the design, results and costs of the preliminary research. These are always very moderate, as the largest part of the work can be done abroad, and Technosoft often charges only part of the actual costs as an investment in the relationship. The actual research is then usually conducted by a QA manager and has a lead time ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months. The report can be in a written form or as a presentation at our office in Moldova. The results of the research are entirely non-binding. You decide if there is a follow-up or not.

This is what customers say about a preliminary investigation

Our business is about simplicity, efficiency and quality. In order to stay ahead of this, we asked Technosoft to look at what new application we should develop for logistics. In a very expert manner they determined what had to be done, what this meant and what the risks were. On this basis, I have been able to make a well-founded decision regarding the development of new software.
IntegraMVS - Maarten Folmer
Director Owner

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