Time & material

“deploying senior development teams on a cost-plus basis”

If the deployment cannot yet be determined beforehand, and you would like to have us carry out and manage a project, we can take care of the management and execution of your project.

The flexibility of time and material.

If the goal of a development is clear, but the exact output has yet to take shape and must be further determined during the (agile) development process, having a project carried out on the basis of time and material is an option. What does this mean for the partnership?

  • The goal of the development is clear. You know what has to be developed and what the end goal is.
  • How to get to the finish line and where this is exactly is not yet clear and/or cannot yet be determined. This will have to be further determined during the development.
  • You can take charge of the project yourself (and management of the developers), but you can also outsource the management of the development. This means that Technosoft will be responsible for management and carrying out the role of Product Owner, for example. As the client, you must clearly indicate what the result of the development should be, what the wishes and requirements are and take care of (interim) monitoring and acceptance of the project.
  • The risks regarding time budget, execution and quality are borne by you as the client. Deploying people on this basis does mean that you get the lowest rates. The risks are after all borne by you. If you would like to cover these risks, you can opt for a fixed-price project.
  • Because you are in control of deploying the people, it’s also very easy to make changes.
  • Invoicing takes place on the basis of the actual hours worked and materials used (licenses etc.). During the process, frequent estimates are made for the following phases of the project, to monitor progress, results and (financial) planning.

A list of the most important aspects of time and material:

  1. Working on the basis of clear project documentation.
  2. Estimates regarding the amount of work and lead time are used.
  3. Project management can be carried out by both the client and by Technosoft.
  4. The client is in the lead when it comes to priorities, changes and content.
  5. Development usually takes place in the Technosoft development environment.
  6. Invoicing based on the number of actual hours worked.
  7. Responsibility for results, time budget and quality lies with the client.
  8. The most favourable rates and flexibility.

On the basis of experience, agreements and trust.

Working on the basis of the principle of time and material does not mean that you have no control over or insight into the completion of your development. On the basis of a good preliminary study, a first estimate can be made of the activities, the software to be delivered and the quality of this. During the development process, continuous adjustments can be made on the basis of experience, estimates, progress and new insights. This lays the foundation for the confidence to continue with the project. The deployment of the development team is of course not free of obligation and you can expect the team members to adopt a proactive attitude regarding the content of the work.

On the basis of our years of experience working in this way, we can advise you on whether working on the basis of time and material is a good choice in your situation or whether it would be better to work on the basis of a fixed price, a dedicated team or secondment.

  • Make use of our experience
  • Clear about results
  • Flexible capacity

Bart Zwager - Commercieel directeur

When it comes to developing software, every situation has its own dynamics and preconditions. How clear are the principles, is there a deadline, what is the available budget, to what degree must collaboration take place with existing teams, what is the experience of the client, etc. These and other matters must be considered each time in order to achieve an optimal partnership.

Many companies are of course looking for the greatest amount of certainty, but it is often unclear what exactly is to be developed and how. A fixed price is then not an option and the provision of flexible capacity is considered. A Dedicated Team is a good option here, but if the principles are clear and the management will potentially be carried out by Technosoft, a project on a cost-plus basis is a good solution. It’s flexible and the client can easily make adjustments when necessary. The cost consideration often also makes time and material an attractive choice. Aided by the experience of our people, we will make the right choice together.

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