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Technosoft, founded in 1977,  is a software engineering company, based in The Netherlands, with offices in some European countries, serving  more than 1200 customers.

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Transparent calculation sheets

CodeForm is a program which has the ability to set up transparent calculation sheets. It has much in common with the usual spreadsheet programmes in terms of functionality, with one big difference: CodeForm is capable of displaying the formulas underlying the spreadsheet. With CodeProof, which is only available as an "add on" to CodeForm, we add an extremely comprehensive formula library (more than 1600 prefabricated formulas in sheets) of standard pages based on Eurocode with also the British Standard national annex.

Structural analysis

In 1977 Technosoft started as a software company which develops, markets and supports software products for structural engineering and structural analysis in the construction market. This software is typically used to calculate and design buildings, bridges, and other complex engineering structures.

Management software

For more than ten years now we also has been developing ERP project management software focused on organizations with a challenging project. Engineering agencies, architectural agencies, construction management companies, but also care organizations and project developers use the Technosoft management software in order to properly guide projects and the organization.