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Grip project managementsoftware

“Grip on your project organisation”

Project Management, Document Management, TimeRegistration, Billing & CRM in 1 for engineering agencies, architectural agencies and building management.

Grip for Project management


Deliver profitable projects in a continuous supply by integrating advanced project management with time registration, billing, documents and relationship management.


Management Information


It is possible to have summaries that display an important relationship between different business aspects. This makes it possible to plan, allocate and use Grip tools and map the state of affairs of a project. Indispensable for any project manager or manager.


Internal and external management


The use of different specialists within a project is managed, but also the interaction with colleagues and clients. A need for advanced management of documents and drawings, which is characteristic of the Technosoft clientele, is realised integrally with the other business processes.


Grip is the key management factor for executives and their employees. The facts in employee reports are complete: time, money, capacity, production, document management, deadlines, presence and absence, progress, (intermediate)results. Grip delivers the output you require. With overviews and documents, it can be us to manage by hours, time and money.

Grip is built for you from a basic package, where necessary, modules tailored to your business operations. For specific non-existing functionality, customisation is possible.

Grip is user-friendly, with good interfaces and clear logical structure, and connects to virtually any standard automation platform and offers many import, export and connectivity options.

Technosoft provides consultancy to implement Grip’s basic package within your organisation.


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  • Control over processes
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  • Spent hours per hour
  • All required management information

Grip and support contact with different specialist specialists

Hans Mulder - Support

I provide support on almost all Technosoft products. We produce mainly computational software products and management software. For the calculation software, the end user can easily send a project file with the corresponding question about it. Grip does not work with calculators, but with a database where many pieces of data are related to each other. For this reason, I often use TeamViewer with Grip end users when contacting about a Grip issue. That works great!

I have been able to provide an adaptation by modifying the database because this was not possible through the program itself.

What I experience as a lot of fun is dealing with people who perform different functions within an organisation. Everyone approaches you in a different way.

Applied in the following branches

  • Architecten bureaus

    Architecten bureaus

    Architecten zijn van begin tot eind betrokken bij een bouwproject. Grip vormt de essentiële beheer factor voor leidinggevenden en hun, al dan niet externe- of tijdelijke-, medewerkers. De feiten uit de rapportage van medewerkers kunnen er in al hun diversiteit in opgenomen worden: tijd, geld, capaciteit, productie, documentenbeheer, deadlines, aan- en afwezigheid, voortgang, (tussentijds) resultaat.
  • Engineering Firms

    Engineering Firms

    Engineering firms are involved in the design phase of a construction. Frameworks are used for designing portals and spaceframes. Based on the design by the architect and the wishes of the client, the engineering firm comes with a constructive advice that is part of obtaining a building permit. BIM plays an important part in the design process. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and is an integrated process in which all disciplines in construction (such as client, architect, engineer and constructor) design a digital project with editing and data exchange with each other.

This is what customers say about....

Bartels Engineering Office has a long, good and stable relationship with Technosoft and its software. The software packages are innovative and very stable. The existing packages are updated very regularly and comply with the latest Dutch NEN standards underlying the test criteria. Of course, the user-friendliness of the software also plays a very important part in choosing Technosoft’s software.
ing. Taco Klevering MSM -
Director Building Advice Apeldoorn

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