“AxisVM: 3D calculation software with a link to BIM models”

3D FEM calculation software for the design of wood, steel and concrete constructions based on linear, nonlinear and dynamic analyses.

Technosoft has been offering AxisVM since 2001 and successfully! With this calculation software we offer a very user-friendly 3D FEM program. The development started in 1991 and contains many functionalities offered for a very interesting price. The program is specially designed for constructive designers in construction. The program offers possibilities for static and dynamic calculations, linear calculations, geometric and physical nonlinear calculations of 3D bar, plate and disk structures. It can be used for both simple and very complex buildings. In short, a program with which and on which you can build.

Technosoft - RaamwerkenAxisVM: The best value for money and very easy to learn:

  • AxisVM does not limit the available number of buttons, bars or elements.
  • Features various Eurocodes
  • Is very user-friendly through the intuitive user interface
  • Technosoft offers standard and on-stock training to get started directly with AxisVM or to master specific subjects
  • Support and consultancy via TeamViewer possible

Technosoft - RaamwerkenMeer informatie

  • Download the productpaper
  • Request a trial license
  • Contact Technosoft for a demo
  • From simple to complex constructions
  • User friendly
  • No restrictions on number of bars, nodes and elements

AxisVM support and the most ideal way of communicating

Frank Langeslag - Accountmanager & Support

The strength of our helpdesk is based on the specialist knowledge of the specialist professionals and the use of professional tools to make the helpdesk process for the end user as pleasant as possible.
One of our tools is TeamViewer, which is used for AxisVM support for a clear reason. By using TeamViewer we can look at the users system. This creates the ideal way of communicating; the user can exactly show what he or she means and we can accurately show him what the solution is for his or her question. In addition, some other tips for a more efficient use of AxisVM can be given.

In addition to the helpdesk service that Technosoft’s Customer Service Center offers, my experience is that a novice AxisVM user gains profit from following our AxisVM training courses that I am delivering. This can be a standard training or a tailor-made training.

Applied in the following branches

  • Engineering Firms

    Engineering Firms

    Engineering firms are involved in the design phase of a construction. Frameworks are used for designing portals and spaceframes. Based on the design by the architect and the wishes of the client, the engineering firm comes with a constructive advice that is part of obtaining a building permit. BIM plays an important part in the design process. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and is an integrated process in which all disciplines in construction (such as client, architect, engineer and constructor) design a digital project with editing and data exchange with each other.
  • Controlling agencies

    Controlling agencies

    To obtain a building permit, a commissioner must make a construction request stating that the construction decision has been met. A part of this is the constructive calculation according to the Eurocodes. Usage Regulatory Agencies (also called building supervisors), consisting of municipalities, provinces and environmental services. Framework for checking these building applications, is checking engineering agency calculations.
  • Contractors & Architectural Agencies

    Contractors & Architectural Agencies

    There are contractors and architects who give the constructive advice themselves. For example, think of contractors who are building a project. Then capacity and communication can be useful to provide the constructive advice themselves. Beam grids are used to design foundations and awnings by the constructor.

This is what customers say about....

The EEM training is highly recommended because important information is and practical tips are shared, essential for working with EEM software and last but not least, it is a pleasure to get a lecture from Professor Blaauwendraad of TU University of Delft.
André Jongenelen
Directr Owner

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