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3Muri Earthquake Software

“3Muri: quickly fastening of masonry constructions”

User-friendly software for evaluating and strengthening existing brickwork constructions in Groningen.

This internationally acclaimed earthquake software is the recognised solution for earthquake damage to brickwork constructions in Groningen, the Netherlands. A calculation model has been set up with minimal effort, after which this program gives a precise picture of the damage per constructive part in a few minutes. Your attention can therefore quickly be dedicated to the reinforcement measures.

3Muri is efficiënt because:

  • The construction is quickly and easy to enter because of the intuitive user interface.
  • A fast Pushover calculation is made based on a 3-dimensional equivalent framework
  • The innovative calculation method (EEM) to provide accurate information about the actual behaviour of the construction due to the imposed seismic load.
  • The heart of the calculation heart continually adjusted to changes in norms with respect to Dutch NPR 9998 norm (and Eurocode 8)
  • To compile the report according to your wishes


The 3Muri program

Due to the earthquake problem in Groningen, Technosoft has been offering this program since 2014! The 3Muri program was developed by the Italian company STA Data in collaboration with a research group led by Professor Sergio Lagomarsino of the University of Genoa (Italy). Together with specialists, the theoretical aspects of this program were compared through experiments and calculations and tested with laboratory arrangements. The continuous collaboration between the software developers and the research team guarantees up-to-date software, fully operational and reliable.

More information

  • Download the productpaper
  • Request a trial license
  • Contact Technosoft for a demo
  • Dedicated for masonry constructions
  • Quick and easy modelling
  • Multiple analyses within a few minutes
  • Professional support and training

The power of 3Muri is its speed.

Hans Mulder - Support

Where ‘a time-history’; calculation takes hours of calculation per construction, you have 3Muri results within a few minutes. Not only the speed makes the product so nice to work with, but also the handy enhancement measures that 3Muri offers. Earthquake problems are highly specialised, so we developed training at Technosoft (in cooperation with the Italian supplier of 3Muri). I deliver the Eurocode 8 training that combines the theory and the use of 3Muri. Despite the annoying effects of earthquakes for the people in Groningen, we find Technosoft a challenging addition to our range of software products.

Applied in the following branches

  • Dutch Advisory and Implementation Organisation CVW

    Dutch Advisory and Implementation Organisation CVW

    This is the organisation in the field of restoring earthquake damage and strengthening homes and buildings in the area of the Groningen gas field. They work together with regional parties.
  • Engineering Firms

    Engineering Firms

    Engineering firms are involved in the design phase of a construction. Frameworks are used for designing portals and spaceframes. Based on the design by the architect and the wishes of the client, the engineering firm comes with a constructive advice that is part of obtaining a building permit. BIM plays an important part in the design process. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and is an integrated process in which all disciplines in construction (such as client, architect, engineer and constructor) design a digital project with editing and data exchange with each other.

This is what customers say about...

We use a large part of Technosofts calculation software. At the moment, however, we also use a geo-technical software trial license to see if we can expand our services in this area.
Duyts Bouwconstructies BV
Afshin Mahram, Director at Duyts Bouwconstructies BV

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