“Codeform: Quickly create Eurocode detail calculations”

The transparent calculation and documentation software for construction calculations, reports and other documentation capabilities.

This program is a universal calculation module, specially developed by Technosoft for the constructor. It has the functionality of a spreadsheet with added value of transparency and is able to display all formulas. Additionally, any text, numbers and images can be displayed. To give you an impression of the possibilities, we’ve made a few videos to see the possibilities of this transparent spreadsheet program.

Code Form: Basic Functionality:

Advanced functionality:


With CodeProof, which is available as an add-on to CodeForm, you add a comprehensive library of CodeForm-based norms based on Eurocode to the use benefits of CodeForm. The added value of CodeProof consists of the distinctive aspect that the search and interpretation of the national standard in paper-form is no longer necessary. Technosoft has done this work at once for all customers who need a digitised calculation version.

To give you an impression of the possibilities, we have made a video where you can view the possibilities of Codeproof.

CodeProof functionality:

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“What you see is what you did!”

Hans Mulder - Support

Most constructors who make their calculations in spreadsheets contradict the limitation that it is difficult to present (intermediate) results from all kinds of formulas clearly to the reader. The formula is not clear and legible with the completed parameters. It is and remains a "black box" for third parties.

Working with CodeForm ends that. Colleagues who have developed a spreadsheet and want to share them with other colleagues often need to explain the formulas and backgrounds used. In CodeForm you do not have to, everything is clearly displayed and intermediate results can be consulted and displayed at any location in the calculation. By presenting the filled-in formulas, no calculation is a "black box" for the user, for his colleague or for a controlling party anymore.

Additional assurance that this solution comes from your own software provider, with more than 40 years of experience in solutions with trusted people and trusted products.

Used in the following branches

  • Engineering Firms

    Engineering Firms

    Engineering firms are involved in the design phase of a construction. Frameworks are used for designing portals and spaceframes. Based on the design by the architect and the wishes of the client, the engineering firm comes with a constructive advice that is part of obtaining a building permit. BIM plays an important part in the design process. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and is an integrated process in which all disciplines in construction (such as client, architect, engineer and constructor) design a digital project with editing and data exchange with each other.
  • Controlling agencies

    Controlling agencies

    To obtain a building permit, a commissioner must make a construction request stating that the construction decision has been met. A part of this is the constructive calculation according to the Eurocodes. Usage Regulatory Agencies (also called building supervisors), consisting of municipalities, provinces and environmental services. Framework for checking these building applications, is checking engineering agency calculations.

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We use a large part of Technosofts calculation software. At the moment, however, we also use a geo-technical software trial license to see if we can expand our services in this area.
Duyts Bouwconstructies BV
Afshin Mahram, Director at Duyts Bouwconstructies BV

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