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Custom made for the concrete industry

“Customised with specialist knowledge”

custom software development in collaboration between engineer and developer

  • Dipl.Ing. Holger Rupprecht
    Director Owner
  • Works with Technosoft since

The reason

For a long time, it was planned to develop software for a load and model generator for Elascon connections as a platform for the more than 500 Easycon software partners. Easycon is a self-developed program for making static calculations of elastic joint structures. As there was already experience with the development of the Easycon applications, it was quite well known that the development path would contain.

Elascon was brought into contact with Technosoft Nearshore Outsourcing through a well-known relationship. After a thorough interview with a Technosoft specialist, the knowledge and experience proved to be nicely coherent and the scope and field of development soon became clear. The goal was to develop a generator that would be based on Technosoft 3D FEM software, capable of performing complex calculations and graphically presenting them.

The proposal

As it was a technically complicated application, making a good project description was important. In consultation with Technosoft, we made sure that there was a good description of what had to be developed. This description was then well analysed by Technosoft's Head of Development, after which a bid for the realisation was made. The offer showed that Technosoft had a very good understanding of the needs and the people who were going to do the job were more than well qualified. Based on this, there was confidence to honour the assignment for the realisation on a project basis.

The execution

Because we were faced with a very experienced developer with sufficient knowledge of the matter, we were able to start quickly. During the development we benefited from the experience that existed so that the project could be realised without delay. This good cooperation has not only led to a beautiful new product, but has laid the foundation for a partnership between two internationally oriented companies that can strengthen each other. The follow-up assignments that have occurred thereafter emphasise that.

It’s nice to see that it’s not just the development of a piece of software, but also working together on a lot of business logic, which makes us stronger compared to the competition.

2 questions for Elascon

Would you advise Technosoft to others?

Basically yes, but I would be crazy if I would advise them to my competitors!!

Why did you choose Technosoft?

Because of the professional offering, it was made with professional knowledge and the solutions offered gave confidence.

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