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“Nearshore Outsourcing for ICT companies”

Technosoft develops and tests software for ISVs and IT companies that deliver customised development. Capacity, knowledge and cost-effectiveness.

Technosoft facilitates the development of software for ICT companies. We do this with the help of the best experts and according to a successful working method. Without a concession. You understand your business, we are the specialists in outsourcing software development. This includes quality, speed, efficiency, focus, relevance and efficiency. We have been doing this for 40 years for ourselves at Technosoft in Deventer, the Netherlands.

Technosoft - DetacheringExperience with ISV and ICT companies

We have been working as our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for 40 years with our software for calculating building construction strengths. With this experience and our specialists in the field of e.g. Microsoft, PHP and App development, we support fellow software companies. We provide capacity, flexibility, knowledge and usually provide significant cost savings. Not only because of the attractive rates of Nearshoring, but also because of our way of working and the attention to QA and testing.

Technosoft - DetacheringSupport at any level

Are you looking for new built applications or converting legacy, or are you looking for individual top developers to complement your agile team? We provide teams, outsource developers or testers and provide projects based on fixed price. Together with you, we determine the optimal form of cooperation and ensure that you can always keep track of your projects.

The demand for good staff or capacity occurs at many levels. From code reflectors to a specialised software architect or lead developer. At each level we can provide support, but always with the best people of a senior level.

Technosoft - DetacheringTransparency

Project outsourcing means a risk of losing grip. And if  this is a great distance, it imposes additional high demands on cooperation. As a Dutch ICT company with 40 years of experience, we know what we are talking about. We have experienced in the past how difficult it can be to outsource business but still experience what it can bring  when it is well-organised. Through a transparent development process, good procedures and research in advance, in combination with excellent people, we have set up an organisation that provides results where you can count on and we can discuss with each other.

  • Transparent development process
  • Flexible, competent and attractive rates
  • We understand software developers

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Everyone realizes why a new common language would be desirable: one could refuse to pay expensive translators. To achieve this, it would be necessary to have uniform grammar, pronunciation and more common words.
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1977 Today
Project management software
Registration of the Technosoft brand
Start development of CAD software
Acquisition of activities by Brunel and establishment in Deventer
Technosoft Germany
Technosoft Moldova
Technosoft Romania
From DOS to Windows platform
Start selling AxisVM software
Introduction 3Muri earthquake software + first KOMO certification
Start Business unit Quality Assurance & testing
Switch to Eurocode software
Start of nearshoring under the name In-shore
Technosoft sold by Brunel through a Management Buy Out
Start development calculation software
merging In-shore and Technosoft brands