“custom software development for healthcare”

We support the development of healthcare software with years of experience in developing applications for client files, mobile applications and scheduling.

Vooronderzoek softwareDigitalisation in healthcare? We take care of that ..

Developments in healthcare are moving fast. New apps, platforms and communication esources are entering the market at a rapid pace. The safe capture and use of data and the sharing of information are often central. For an IT manager, CMIO or IT company in healthcare it is important to keep up and make the right choices. We support companies or institutions that develop software for healthcare. We not only take care of the capacity and knowledge of the latest techniques, but especially for a reliable solution that works. Especially in healthcare, reliability, scalability and security issues are what you need to be sure of if you are outsourcing the development or management of your software.

Vooronderzoek softwareCertain about the right solution

With our many years of experience in developing things like patient’s logistics, planning, communication, Electronic Client Dossier, medical apps and such, we have a broad knowledge of healthcare. This knowledge and experience helps us to better understand and simplify institutions and businesses. Ultimately, however, the real knowledge lies with you as a client. The specialist knowledge about software development and testing lies with us. In this collaboration we are working together on the right solution.

Vooronderzoek softwareSaving costs

Software development in healthcare is specialised work and it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right people who have enough experience to be able to be deployed immediately on (fast) development projects. Technosoft still has the right people to help you with extra capacity, knowledge and experience. In practice, the outsourcing of such projects does not lead to an increase in costs, but a significant decrease in development costs. This is not only because our people are deployed at very attractive rates, but also because of our processes and quality control.


  • Certainly a solution that works
  • Develop software at acceptable rates
  • With the latest techniques

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