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With more than 40 years of successful experience throughout Europe, Technosoft delivers professional software applications, development and testing services to international companies.

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In 2006, Technosoft founded the Dortmund office with the aim of supporting German IT companies in the development and testing of software throughout the life cycle of their applications. Technosoft supports companies and institutions at all stages of the software development process. From architectural design, infrastructure, functional development, quality assurance and testing to maintenance of software.
Thanks to a transparent structure, mature processes and extensive experience in various areas of technology, the Technosoft GmbH has built up a considerably representative customer base, with references in almost every state. Most of our customers are located in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bayern, Hessen and Niedersachsen..

As many of our services are provided by our own nearshore development teams in Moldova, Romania and the Netherlands, it is important to create a legal framework for our clients in Germany. For this reason, the activity is carried out throughout Germany through Technosoft GmbH under German law. In this way, German companies can do full business with a German GmbH. Your contacts in Germany know the country, the culture and of course speak the language fluently.

Take advantage of the benefits of working with an international software development company in the Dortmund region. When you work with Technosoft, you have a varied international reference portfolio, cross-border connectivity with the best developers and testers, proven organization models and the latest technologies.

Are you located in one of the DACH countries and do you want to be sure of your software? We are happy to explain what it takes to achieve this and what we can add to it.

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