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New projects Xamarin and PHP

"Description of new projects"

Recently, new projects have started on various platforms and at existing and new customers.

New projects Xamarin and PHP

It was a busy time for Technosoft nearshore outsourcing. Again, some companies have opted for outsourcing of their software development or nearshoring testing. All of these companies, after visiting one of our people, decided to visit our office in Moldova and ultimately order them. This includes development with Xamarin (in combination with electronics), development of PHP and Quality Assurance and testing.

Xamarin cross platform App development

For a multinational in electronics, Technosoft starts a development based on Xamarin. Following an intensive selection procedure and a visit to our Chisinau office, we are mainly selected based on the high quality of knowledge and quality of the people and the organisation. A team is set up that works in close cooperation with the client on an App that controls electronics. There will be work from our office in Moldova, but regular sessions are also scheduled on site of the customer and site visits in Chisinau.

PHP development

At least two companies have decided to integrate the development of their PHP-based applications at Technosoft. In cooperation with one of our partners, we are able to organise in short-term high-level teams who will going to do the development.

One of the clients had been in doubt for a while if more people were to be hired or work needed to be outsourced. The first proved not only difficult, as good people are increasingly difficult to find but there was also a question of flexibility. Now there was a lot of work at handsthat had to be realised quickly, but is hiring still necessary? As this was an international operating company, the step towards a foreign outsourcing partner was less significant and the attractive rates were an additional plus. After the first trust was established after a Skype meeting with the experts and a visit to Moldova, the kick-off of the first project is a fact.

Quality Assurance and testing

In addition to upscaling tests in existing and new projects, there is also interest again in testing software for companies. Our most recent customer in this field is working on optimisation of the development process and better deployment of its applications. For this, the QA management and testing work of Technosoft is a welcome addition.

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