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Technosoft, founded in 1977,  is a software engineering company, based in The Netherlands, with offices in some European countries, serving  more than 1200 customers.

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Technosoft Solutions

Technosoft Solutions is a division of Technosoft BV, with its headquarters in Deventer (The Netherlands) and branch offices in Dortmund (Germany) and Chişinau (Moldavia). Technosoft was established over 33 years ago and specializes in software development, training and services. Technosoft is active in a variety of sectors with calculation and drawing software, ERP software and software solutions. In the Netherlands, Technosoft is a market leader in 2D calculation software for the Dutch construction design phase (engineering offices and construction companies). Technosoft has more than 1200 customers in different countries.

Quality software development for the right price

Technosoft Solutions primarily focuses on software development scaled to the customer’s needs, at the right place and for the right price. We don’t beat around the bush and we keep our costs as low as possible.

Quality & communications

When outsourcing development processes, services and maintenance, the quality of the customer’s and users’ experience largely depends on communication. The procedures form one side of the story; the achievement is a determining factor for those who have to work with the solution: These days, users often have to depend on one or more applications to fulfill their duties. Therefore, how the provider handles communications is a key contributor towards a pleasant working atmosphere and productive work environment.


Technosoft prefers Agile for its development methodology. For the customer, this means that Technosoft will establish direct communications (in English) between the developers and the customer(s). This is characterized by a functional specification / analysis that is not too extensive, but instead, by a high level of hands on,” which involves direct communication between the customer or project manager / consultant and the development team where possible.

Advantages van Agile

  • Customer satisfaction through fast, continuous delivery of useful software
  • Even late changes to the requirements are welcome
  • Functional software is delivered on a regular basis (delivery time of weeks instead of months)
  • The developers collaborate closely with the people on a daily basis who know the business
  •  Projects are handled by motivated and reliable people
  • A meeting is the best method of communication, which means that it is better if the customer and the provider are located in the same area (applies to Technosoft versus customer)
  • Functional software is the first criterion of progress
  • Development can resume and progress at any time
  • There is a continuous focus on technical excellence and good design
  • Simplicity is important: The less that has to be done the better
  • The teams organize themselves
  • They adjust to changing circumstances

Agile in combination with other methods

If necessary, Agile will be combined with other methods if it is advantageous to do so.

Technosoft: Efficiency through Quality

Technosoft Offices in Moldavia and Chişinău