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Technosoft, founded in 1977,  is a software engineering company, based in The Netherlands, with offices in some European countries, serving  more than 1200 customers.

Technosoft Products

Technosoft Products develops and delivers transparent calculation software, project management software and structural analysis software, as well as service and support, to engineering companies in several European countries.

Technosoft Customer Service Center (CSC)

Technosoft customers can rely on support from the CSC for all their questions's, remarks, support, service, new releases and support with setting up and calculating new models. In this respect the CSC is more than just a support department 

Software Development by Technosoft

With over 35 years experience in software development we help organisations with developemtn and testing of software. Custome made software, testing professionals and business analists make the difference for your expertise, cost reduction and flexible workforce. Under the brandname In-shore, technosoft developed a clear vision on supporting you with the tools for good software development.

Technosoft: Efficiency through Quality

Technosoft version 6

01-05-2015 - On the Bouwbeurs 2015 Technosoft introduced its newest version of its main software line, version 6!!. Based on extensi...

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Technosoft gets KIWA certificate

18-09-2014 - Since september 2014 Technosoft received as the one and only company the Dutch KOMO certificate for its software! The c...

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Technosoft Teamwork planner

01-07-2012 - Technosoft will continue the devolpment and sales of Devista's Teamwork Planner....

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